Broadway Bound!

Eligible Grades: Second through Sixth Grades
Schedule: Monday through Thursday | 9:00 am - 12:00 noon
Session: Session 1 or Session 2
Price: $450

If your child is interested in the arts, they may be Broadway Bound! This exciting summer school program hones the creative process, and offers an opportunity to exhibit a bit of flair! Students will design and build sets, learn lines, master songs, create a script and expand their talents. This small-group setting will improve oral expression, reading and memorization skills. On the last day of the program the course will culminate in a mini-musical production for family and friends. Students are required to commit to the entire session.

  • Sing, Dance and Act
  • Create a play
  • Perform for Family and Friends
  • Design Simple Props and Sets
  • Improve Oral Expression, Reading and Memorization Skills