Martial Arts A

Eligible Grades: Kindergarten through Third Grades
Schedule: Monday through Thursday | 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Session: Session 2 only
Price: $200

Kids Martial Arts

Courage, Confidence and Self Esteem… NOTHING you can give your child develops these things better than MARTIAL ARTS, not even team sports! This is all done while enhancing their focus, discipline, dedication and perseverance!

We will teach your child valuable skills that will shape them as human beings and last them a LIFETIME!”

Your Child will learn how to:


Perform better in individual and team sports, aim higher and achieve more. Defend Themselves – Valuable self-defense techniques, physical attributes as well as mental attributes to keep them safe when you’re not watching! Handle bullies – both in school and in life. How to avoid peer pressure – make the right choices and follow their own path we will develop and enhance your child’s:

Physical Fitness

They will be challenged in every class and taught how to challenge themselves (balance, coordination, agility strength, endurance, explosiveness and speed) sense of responsibility – they will learn to determine right from wrong and how to take responsibility for their actions…good or bad. Level of respect – To you as parents, their teachers, coaches and members of their community “What martial arts will my child learn?”

We have a comprehensive kids martial arts program: Children will learn how to deal with many types of situations where they may need to defend themselves or a loved one. They will develop strong, balanced and coordinated bodies. They will have discipline and a ‘no quit’ attitude!