Reading & Writing Explorations

Eligible Grades: Second Grade
Schedule: Monday through Thursday | 9:00 am - 12:00 noon
Session: Session 2 only
Price: $650

Welcome, all incoming Del Mar Pines second graders to Reading and Writing Explorations. Students will develop several methods of creating effective graphic organizers and use them to create well thought out and detailed papers. In addition to fiction and non-fiction selections, Reading and Writing Explorations students will experience an in-depth novel study. This study will include: vocabulary skills, building comprehension based on concrete evidence from the text, and making real life connections through the development of the plot. During this course, the highly effective 6-Traits Writing model will be used to cultivate the students into strong creative writers. Some homework is required. Del Mar Pines students only.

  • Mind Maps and Plot Development Papers
  • Non-Fiction Story Webs and Informational Reports
  • Novel Study
  • 6-Traits of Effective Writing