Response to Literature through Reading and Writing

Eligible Grades: Fifth and Sixth Grades
Schedule: Monday through Thursday | 9:00 am - 12:00 noon
Session: Session 1 or Session 2
Price: $650

This Response to Literature through Reading and Writing course will build and strengthen reading, writing and language skills. It will also expose students to quality literature and provide a solid foundation for the craft of writing. The class will begin with daily journal writing and instruction in punctuation, mechanics, usage and grammar. Next, students will read an acclaimed novel and participate in high-interest, dynamic class discussions in response to key literary elements and themes.

Response to Literature through Reading and Writing students will then be guided through reading comprehension activities, focusing on extracting details and textual evidence to support ideas. Lastly, students will be challenged to write strong active essays through the 6-Traits writing model. This course will prepare your child for language arts classes in the years to come. This is an intensive course with some homework.

  • Elements of writing
  • Review of language mechanics
  • Exposure to acclaimed literature
  • Vocabulary development
  • Literary discussion and analysis
  • In-depth essay writing

We encourage you to register your Fifth or Sixth grade student in  Response to Literature through Reading and Writing.