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Bright Futures Start at Del Mar Pines School

Nov 01, 2022 |  | Marci McCord

Now that the school year is off to a great start, we begin focusing on the admissions process for the 2023/2024 school year. This is the time where we conduct individual tours for parents of interested families for kindergarten as well as first through sixth grade.

Our admissions process starts with parents completing an inquiry form online at Then, we schedule a personal tour with the director to welcome prospective families to our beautiful campus. This allows parents the chance to see our students and teachers in action and determine if we are a good fit for their child and family.

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There are three main things that separate us from other private or public schools. First, we have one class per grade with only 20 students in the kindergarten class with two teachers, and a maximum of 23 students in grades 1st - 6th also with two teachers. We are all about relationships and knowing our students on a uniquely personal basis.

Second, we believe in the advantages of ability grouping for reading and math, which allows us to meet the individual needs of each child. In kindergarten, for example, children start the school year at various levels of reading ability. Some have been reading already, while others are just beginning to recognize letter-sound associations. Ability groupings, which break the children into smaller groups, ensure that students who are working at grade level and above continue to be challenged while students who might need extra support receive the attention they need to succeed.

Because reading is fundamental to the learning process, our Language Arts program is phonics-based and all children, even fluent readers, benefit from investigating the many different relationships between sounds and letters. Because we are aware students have different learning styles, we use different teaching methods such as whole-language techniques to promote literacy in all subject areas.

Third, and perhaps most importantly, we also ensure our graduates are well-rounded students by providing instruction in seven ancillary classes integrated throughout the curriculum. These include Music and Performing Arts, Physical Education, Spanish, Visual Arts, Technology, Hands-On Science, Library and Wellness (in grades 4-6), all taught by expert teachers in their field.

“I was so happy I found a school with rigorous and individualized curriculum that still provides excellent Art, Music, Spanish, and Science instruction,” said one parent whose student attended Del Mar Pines beginning in kindergarten.

We highly recommend our summer school program which is designed specifically for our incoming new kindergarten students. Not only do the kindergarteners have an excellent opportunity to make new friends and learn the daily routine from their new kindergarten teacher, but parents are able to meet one another and feel welcomed into the DMP community. This makes the transition to “Big Kids School’’ easier for everyone.

We want to ensure everyone feels welcomed, appreciated, and included at Del Mar Pines. One welcoming feature we are most proud of is our Buddies Program where we pair kindergarteners with sixth graders as “Buddies” for the year. Our youngest students have a friendly mentor through their first year of elementary school, sixth graders develop and practice leadership skills, and both ages learn the value of listening to one another, sharing and growing their knowledge, and finding satisfaction in teamwork and mutual respect.

From the start, we are committed to getting students and families actively engaged and involved in the learning process. At Del Mar Pine’s School we nurture all aspects of a child’s academic, social, emotional and physical needs to prepare them for the future. Creating a safe and caring environment where children can develop into thoughtful, confident students ready for success is our mission.

Del Mar Pines School is a secular, private elementary school in the Carmel Valley area of San Diego California. Founded in 1978, Del Mar Pines school continually provides students with excellent academic programs which promote children’s curiosity for learning, confidence and determination, while also developing well-rounded children of strong character.

A Del Mar Pines School education nurtures all aspects of our student’s academic, social, emotional and physical needs and successfully prepares them for future success.

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