The Del Mar Pines School Campus Expansion is underway. We are excited to see the progress and look forward to moving in later this fall. The campus expansion will not increase the size of our student body but rather enhance their overall experience as students and members of the amazing community.

DMP Campus Expansion 2015

DMP Campus Expansion In Progress 2015

We have a lot of moving around to do but everything is looking great. Here are the campus expansion highlights.

  1. The downstairs will house a new library and also serve as the additional classroom for sixth grade math and language arts groups.
  2. The  upstairs, affectionately nick named “the tree house” will be the new sixth grade classroom with beautiful views.
  3. Ms. Fritz will move into our old sixth grade classroom to teach Spanish Language and Hands-on Science with an updated room perfect for science experiments.
  4. The current library will house a new “Black Box” concept Performing Arts classroom.
  5. A new “Tile Wall” purchased by our community members will be a beautiful addition to the building and legacy to the many families that made this camps expansion possible.