Dear Parents,

The teachers are back and excited to see their students starting on Tuesday, September 8, whether they are remote or on campus!! The 2020/21 School Year is going to be an adventure for all of us! Please remember that this “new normal” for school is new for everyone and please try and be patient and understanding for the first few weeks as we all learn together.

Here are the important updates to get you ready for next week.

Meet and Greet Schedule

All Grades – Friday, September 4th. Classroom teachers will be sending you their Zoom links on Thursday.

    • Kindergarten – 10:00 – 10:30

    • First Grade – 10:40 – 11:00

    • Fifth Grade – 11:05 – 11:25

    • Third Grade – 11:30 – 11:50

    • Second Grade – 12:00 – 12:20

    • Fourth Grade – 12:30 – 12:50

    • Sixth Grade – 1:00 – 1:20


  • Before leaving for school, make sure to sign into the Kencor app and record your child(ren)’s temperature and symptom check each day. Your child must get a GREEN notification that they can come to school. You will get a daily reminder at 7:45 if you have not completed your child’s screening. Please download and read the two attachments with all the information you need to use the new screening system.

  • Link to the invite brochure

  • Link to the Self Enrollment Page

  • Link to the HOW TO guide

Staggered Arrival Times

There is no BeforeCare option or arrival before 8:15 am.

  • Grades 1, 3, 5 and the siblings of these students need to arrive between 8:15 and 8:30. Grades 1, 3, 5 begin instruction at 8:30.

  • Grades K, 2, 4, 6 need to arrive between 8:30 and 8:45. Classes begin at 8:45.

  • All students will go directly to their classroom when they arrive on campus.

  • Remember: NO parents are allowed on campus. The security guard will be at the bottom of the stairs to open car doors to assist students out of their cars and ensure they get on campus. Mrs. McCord and Miss Lewis will be at the entrance to greet the students and check that they have been cleared through Kencor before coming on campus.

  • If your child has NOT been cleared through Kencor, you will be called to return to school and pick up your child until the screening is completed.

  • Your child will walk past  an infrared camera that will take their temperature again. If your child has a temperature of greater than 100.0 degrees, you will be called to come and pick up your child.

Staggered Dismissal Times

There is no AfterCare option at this time.

  • Grades 1, 3, 5 and the siblings of these students will be out for dismissal at 3:00.

  • Grades K, 2, 4, 6 will be out for dismissal at 3:15.

  • All students need to be picked up by 3:30.

  • All parents/caregivers need to use the drive-thru pickup system. There will be NO parent walk-up. There is NO parking on Torrington Street on the school side from 2:45 – 3:30.

  • There are NO U-TURNS ALLOWED anytime on Torrington Street. Please drive past the school and it will circle around back to Hartfield.

  • KENCOR COVID-19 Health Screening – Mandatory for all students/teachers on campus.

    • Please see the links above for directions to DOWNLOAD the app and REGISTER your child(ren). After you register, the daily screening of your child should take less than 30 seconds.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

ZOOM format for at least the first two conferences. Each parent will have a 20 minute time scheduled to meet with grade-level teachers and Mrs. McCord. This first conference is your opportunity to let us know about your children, their strengths and challenges, your goals, any relevant information to help the teachers best meet your children’s needs. SignUps will be sent out at 6:00 pm TOMORROW NIGHT, Sept. 3 through Sign Up Genius.

  • Grades 3-6 – We will be using Three Learning Models A separate email will be sent to all Third – Sixth-grade parents to inform them of which learning model will be used and specific information for each model.

  • First and Second-grade parents will be receiving an email Friday afternoon informing them of their homeroom class assignments. Both teachers will be teaching both groups of children during the day and both classes will be together for recess, lunch, music, art, PE and library.

  • All DMP teachers have been tested for COVID-19 and are negative! We are still highly recommending that our students get tested before school begins. There are the city sites that are free, go through your physician, Perlman Clinic, or Rady’s Children’s Hospital.


VIRTUAL Parent Coffee

9:00 on Tuesday, Sept. 8th. 

This is a chance for me to Welcome all of you to DMP! Here is the Zoom link:


Thank you all for your patience and support as we transition to our “new normal” of school this year.  We are excited to begin our new educational journey together!

Stay safe and healthy,