For more than 38 years, Del Mar Pines School has nurtured the young lives of thousands of children by providing them with a stimulating and supportive environment that focuses on scholastic development, personal growth, and ethical enrichment.

As a school founded by love for children and friendships, Del Mar Pines hope to stay in touch with all our former students, parents, and families who have set the stage for the scholastic  and personal success stories we now hear today.


Reflections from DMP Graduates

I want to thank Del Mar Pines for so many reasons. This school is special.

“Hey. I just wanted to let everyone know how much of an impact that this school has made on me. I still remember so much of what I was taught.”

As you turn a corner, you will find a street called Torrington. If you follow the road, you will see a beautiful building. No, not the Senior Center, but the Education Center. A gated city that encloses our future lies beyond the steps. It’s not only friends and teachers that lie beyond, but our family. As students, we go to school everyday and rarely realize the positive side of school. We focus on the long essay or the hard test the next day; without taking the time to smell the roses and absorb the love from all our second family members. This school is special, no not a school, a village with all of the wonderful villagers that lie within the gates. DMP is my second home housing my second family, and you will find it the same.”


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