Curriculum Mapping

Curriculum Mapping

Over the past year, curriculum mapping has been one of our  Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) action items.  Curriculum mapping is a process for collecting and recording curriculum-related data that identifies core skills and content taught, processes employed, and assessments used for each subject area and grade level.

The purpose behind this is to build transparency and continuity between grades and teachers. Curriculum Mapping is never finished – it is a working document that is constantly being adjusted and improved. This year we have adopted the Atlas Mapping Software to facilitate our curriculum mapping process. All teachers are mapping math curriculum this year.Next year we will focus our curriculum mapping efforts on language arts and then Science and Social Studies in the following year

What are the Benefits of Curriculum Mapping?Curriculum Mapping San Diego Private School

At Del Mar Pines School we expect our curriculum mapping efforts to:

  • Provide a process and a product for teachers to share years of teaching knowledge and experience
  • Align the currently taught content, skills and assessment to  standards
  • Examine the curriculum in a more formal way to  identify gaps and redundancies in instruction, both horizontally (within a grade/content area) and vertically (K-6).
  • Promote collaboration between teachers to analyze practice, make decisions about curriculum changes and examine assessments



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