Language Arts is a key component in our curriculum. All students are positioned in small (five to eight children), developmentally-appropriate groups where they receive up to 8 hours of language arts instruction each week.

Beginning with the fundamentals of language and visual/motor development, phonemic awareness, and sound-symbol association, students continually develop a wealth of indispensable skills as they move through their elementary school years. Lower grade lessons in reading, grammar and oral language proficiency naturally lead to comprehensive studies of analytical writing, creative composition and public speaking.

NewsELA will be a new addition to our language arts program this year. NewsELA is an online Current Events program geared to each student’s reading and comprehension level. This program will be used by our upper grade (4 – 6 ) students and a motivational ELA program will be used in second and third grades to give students practice in a variety of comprehension skills using short passages both online and in hard copy.

Del Mar Pines places considerable emphasis on areas such as literature appreciation, creative voice and structured analysis, as well as the critical requisites of mind-mapping, outlining and gathering research from a variety of credible sources.

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