Del Mar Pines music program allows children numerous opportunities to investigate, perform, and create music in a full range of musical mediums. The program follows a sequential kindergarten through sixth grade progression of musical objectives — from the study of melody, rhythm, harmony to the complexities of timbre, texture and form. Our instruments are used to accompany songs that are integrated into the appropriate grade-level social studies curriculum. Additionally, special attention is given to songs and traditions of other cultures, the study of classical composers, and instruments of the orchestra.

Class Musicals & Spring Sing

Every year, each class performs a mini-musical for family members and peers, the subject matter which correlates to classroom subject matter. All students also perform in Del Mar Pines Spring Sing, a year-end, whole-school performance, allows all students to sing, dance, act and help stage a magnificent production for family and friends.

Class Music Instruction

The first semester of Music at Del Mar Pines focuses on musical concepts listed in the Common Core Standards.

Music: Artistic Perception

Processing, analyzing and responding to sensory information through the use of language and skills unique to music.

Music Aesthetic Valuing

Responding to, analyzing and making judgments about works of music.

Music: Creative Expression

Creating, performing and participating in music.

Music: Historical and Cultural Context

Recognizing and talking about music, the role of music in the past and present, cultures as it relates to music, musicians and composers.

Music: Connections, Relationships and Applications

Connecting and applying what is learned in music to other subject areas.

Main Concepts/Grade Level:

  • Kdg: Beat/rhythm, pitch, creative movement, Percussion and Orff
    instruments, songs for special days
  • 1st: Rhythmic notation, form, texture, Mozart, Percussion and Orff instruments, Nutcracker Suite,
    William Tell Overture, Songs of the seasons, movement and drama .
  • 2nd: Treble clef notation, solfegge, conducting, Sousa, patriotic songs, Percussion and Orff
    instruments , movement and drama.
  • 3rd: Rounds, canons, major/minor tonality, scale, dynamics, Beethoven,
    instruments of the orchestra, Percussion and Orff instruments
  • 4th: Songs of California, two part singing, chromatic scale, sightreading, care of the voice,
    Handel, Percussion and Orff instruments,
  • 5th: Early American folk songs, partner songs, sightreading, mystery tunes in treble clef, Bach,
    Saint-Saens, pentatonic scale -Chinese , African, Percussion and Orff instruments.
  • 6th: Jazz- blues-fusion, learning to play the recorder
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