Del Mar Pines School offers a structured physical education program that is wholly aligned with California State Board of Education standards.

Students engage in scheduled physical education classes twice per week, either on the School’s AstroPlay soccer field, basketball court, or playground equipment.

From kindergarten through sixth grade, children enhance their movement skills by balancing, bending and stretching, twisting and turning, tensing and relaxing, and participating in goal-oriented rhythmic and play activities that require movement. Using hoops, balls and a variety of other props, students build self confidence while learning motor skills, physical fitness, and sportsmanship.

All activities help children manage their bodies efficiently, and develop aerobic capacity, muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility.

A variety of sports and sporting events are used to help develop the essential life skills of teamwork and fair play, and all students in third through sixth grades work towards achievement of U.S. Presidential Fitness Awards.

Del Mar Pines School P.E. Curriculum

Del Mar Pines Physical Education curriculum consists of 4 main content areas which cover a variety of different objectives. These areasinclude:

I. Motor Skills

Objectives taught in this content area include: Step, Walk, Run, Hop, Twist, Lift, Horizontal Jump, Vertical Jump,Roll, Leap, Gallop, Slide, Skip, Bending, Stretching, Turning,Pushing, Pulling, Landing, Static Balance, Dynamic Balance,Rolling, Hand Dribble, Foot Dribble, In-Step Kick, Striking (both underhand and overhand), Underhand Throw, Overhand Throw

II. Physical Fitness

Objectives taught in this content area include: Aerobic Fitness, Muscular Strength & Endurance (Arms,Shoulders, Abdomen, Back, Legs), Flexibility

III. Cognitive Concepts

Objectives taught in this content area include: Understanding the value of physical activity and its contribution to lifelong health and well-being, Describing the effects of activity and inactivity and formulate examples of lifestyle choices that result in the development and maintenance of health-related fitness, Traveling in different directions, Traveling in a variety of pathways, Exploring and creating shapes with students own bodies, Exploring different height levels, Applying similar movements and elements in a variety of skills, Using corrective/immediate/descriptive feedback from teacher, Awareness of rules and strategies as they apply to instructional activities and games as well as the benefits associated with exercise and physical activity.

IV. Personal Social Character Traits

Objectives taught in this content area include: Staying on Task/Following Directions, Best Effort, Active Listening, Respecting Self/ Others/Equipment, Sportsmanship,Honesty, Compassion, Cooperation.

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