In the Kindergarten and first grade Social Studies curriculum students are introduced to the broad concepts of relationships, rights and responsibilities. They also explore stories of ordinary and extraordinary people who introduce ideas of fair play, self-control, justice, good sportsmanship, leadership, deliberation and individual accountability. The importance of respecting the rights and opinions of others is a primary focus.

Social Studies in subsequent grades, has students examine the geographic and economic aspects of life in their own neighborhoods, then expand their horizons to State, National and international perspectives.

Upper grade students learn about the physical and cultural landscape of California, study the culture and impact of Native Americans, the subsequent arrival of immigrants, and the impact they have had in forming the character of contemporary society.

Finally, investigations of U.S. history and the relationship between State and Federal governments are complemented by examinations of the ancient civilizations of Greece, Rome, India, China and Egypt.

Integrating Learning Across the Curriculum

This curriculum is integrated across the learning spectrum. One example is class musicals. These performances reinforces learning from the social studies and other areas of the curriculum in a fun and creative way. Class plays include:

  • Grade K – The Three Piggy Opera
  • Grade 1- Character Matters
  • Grade 2- Ancestors
  • Grade 3 – Vacation on Mars ( physical science/ planets)
  • Grade 4 – California Missions & More
  • Grade 5 – Revolutionary War
  • Grade 6 – Theseus and the Minotaur
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