Our scholastic foundation is solid. Every kindergarten through sixth grade student enjoys a core syllabus of language arts, mathematics, science and social studies, complemented by extensive programs of music, fine arts, Spanish language,  technology, science, library and physical education.

In the classroom, teachers utilize a variety of perspectives and approaches to accommodate differing learning styles. Special emphasis is placed on speculation, hypothesis, research, experimentation and the attribution and documentation of results, as well as development of excellent organizational skills and study habits. Furthermore, field trips, classroom productions and school-wide events present opportunities for students to discover and create both as individuals and members of a group.

Del Mar Pines believes that students learn best when they have the opportunity to interact with their fellow students in a stress-free environment, and be guided, encouraged and inspired by their teachers.

Our scholastic foundation extends beyond the basics. To create this type of atmosphere and to ensure that every child is learning and experiencing success every day, we limit enrollment in each class and keep our teacher / student ratios low.

Del Mar Pines children learn to be good people, not just good students. Academics are regularly augmented by scheduled programs that reinforce the ethical, humanitarian and philanthropic qualities necessary for good citizenship.

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