Our Library offers both print and online learning resources, and instruction to expand our student’s literary experience. The librarian is committed to making the library an inspiring and fun place to be with the following goals in mind:

  • Provide fresh and new reading material, including up-to-date books and magazines, electronic books using OverDrive and audiobooks.
  • Make the library space interesting, inviting and comfortable for all of our kids. A cozy corner dedicated to our younger readers allows smaller hands to reach and explore new and exciting books meant just for them. While at the same time, our older kids can see ever changing displays featuring the latest releases as well as long time favorites.
  • Provide lessons and learning opportunities through literature.  Reading aloud, games and interactive activities help to introduce new types of literature including folk tales, poetry and Shakespeare.
  • Promote collaborative learning involving students, their peers and their families. School-wide and family activities, including our reading incentive program, book talks, author visits, student-to-student read alouds and the annual Family Read-In bring students and families together in the pursuit of reading enjoyment.

The Del Mar Pines Library – redesigned and reopened in its new space in February 2016—is an important part of our school community, offering a carefully cultivated reading collection and providing library services to the entire school community.

At the beginning of 2016 the construction of our new building was completed and the Library was given a dedicated space on the first floor, allowing for more opportunities for both individual and collaborative learning.  Students now have a designated quiet space, new furniture and displays and iPads dedicated for library research and reading activities.

Library Schedule

Each grade receives Library instruction 30 minutes per week.

  • Monday afternoon – 4th-6th Grades
  • Thursday 12:30-1:00- Kindergarten
  • Friday afternoon –  1st-3rd Grades
Students are invited to come in for free reading time as follows:

  • Kindergarten-3rd Grade- Thursday and Friday 12:10-12:30
  • 4th Grade – 6th Grade- Monday-Wednesday, Friday 12:40-1:00
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Meet our Librarian

Julie Rogers

Julie Rogers
School Librarian

Online Resources

Go to OverDrive to view and check out Online Books
Go to Alexandria to search for physical books in our library