Social Distancing and Online Learning

Social Distancing
and Online Learning

Dear DMP Community,⁣

Our school has temporarily suspended face-to-face instruction on our campus and has successfully transitioned to remote learning for all students on Tuesday, March 17. ⁣

All teachers have and are actively designing online learning opportunities that keep the curriculum as consistent as possible during this transition. Even our ancillary programs such as Spanish, art and music, science and technology continue with enriching activities for students. We are also providing parents with a variety of resources to support student learning at home. Parents and students receive daily communication from our classroom teachers via email and Google Classroom.⁣

We are also posting weekly updates:

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Now more than ever is a good opportunity to remember why we teach our students to be kind, show empathy, and respect each other. We will always be stronger together—I am confident that our DMP community will work together and support each other to help us all get through this uncertain time. ⁣

Marci McCord

-Marci McCord

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