Dear DMP Community,

It is hard to believe that we have been remote teaching and learning for three weeks already! I think we have all learned a lot and transitioned very well to our new situation. Thank you to the 84% of parents who responded to our Remote Learning Parent Survey! The information was extremely supportive and positive, as well as useful in giving us feedback on what we are doing well and ways we can improve. The teachers and I will be reviewing the results over the break. I have attached a summary of the data for your review.
After we return from Spring break, several of our teachers will be offering 30-minute one-on-one student/teacher times to get help with assignments, homework, answer questions, or just to check-in that they are on the right track. Ariel Thompson will be working with kindergarten and first-graders, Bette Davis with second and third-graders, and Nirupa Bhave with fourth – sixth graders. We will have a signup system in place for parents who would like to utilize this service.
As stated in the eBlast this week, here is our schedule for the next two weeks.
April 6 – April 10 – Spring Break (No new assignments posted in Google Classroom)
  • Scroll down for suggested activities to keep students engaged during the break.
April 13 – 14 (Monday & Tuesday) – Teacher Planning Days
  • No Remote Learning
  • Teachers will use this time to plan for their next 3-4 weeks of remote learning lessons.
  • No classroom assignments will be posted during this time.
  • Parents will receive an email from Mrs. McCord with a fun, family, special project for students to complete over these two days.
April 15 (Wednesday) – Remote Learning Resumes with Classroom Teachers via Google Classroom. Parents come and pick up new materials for the next 3-4 weeks of assignments from classrooms. DMP will be open from 8:00 – 2:00 on this day.  Written and Illustrated book envelopes should be turned in on this day to the classrooms.
April 13 – April 17 (All Week) Ancillary Teacher Planning/Ancillary Catch Up Week
  • No Ancillary Remote Learning
  • Ancillary teachers will prepare for their upcoming remote learning lessons for all grade levels.
  • No new ancillary work will be assigned for this week, instead, ancillary teachers would like their students to use this time to catch up on ancillary assignments from Weeks 1-3.
April 17 (Friday) – Virtual Talent Show  – Optional for All Students and Families!!
              For students interested in participating, please complete this form, Talent Show Submissions , to enter. More information will be emailed from teachers. We look forward to seeing many of our students at this live Zoom community event!!
  • No new assignments.
April 21 – Ancillary Classes Resume with new assignments for all grades.
Spring Break Activity Ideas for Students:
  1. Record a video for the talent show. I’ll send a separate email on how to submit these.
  2. Catch up on any classroom assignments that have not been completed over the past three weeks.
  3. Catch up on Ancillary Projects.
  4. 2nd-3rd can blog on KidBlog. Mrs. Scott has been leaving comments for their blogs and will comment over the break as well.
  5. 3rd-6th can practice typing on or have group races with their friends on NitroType.
  6. 4th-6th students in leadership can complete their identity hand project and thank you to emergency workers’ projects. These are both in the Leadership Classroom.
  7. All grades can participate in live learning events: Daily Schedule Here
Thank you for your continued support and please stay healthy and safe until we are ready to return to school when it is deemed wise to do so.