The Del Mar Pines technology program is designed especially to help prepare our children for their tomorrow. With state of the art resources including: iPads, MacBook Pro Laptops, Microsoft 2011 Student Suite, Google Apps for Education, Epson Interactive Projectors, and Samsung Document Cameras, every student has a chance to experience technology-enhanced learning.

Students begin their interaction with computers in kindergarten via iPad technology. As first graders, they become more familiar with computers and their operation, while augmenting basic skills in reading, problem-solving and imaginative expression. iPad apps like ShowMe, StoryKit, and ePub Bud help our young learners develop these fundamental skills through a fun, hands-on and interactive process.

Second graders build on these bases, as they begin typing. Del Mar Pines utilizes UltraKey software, in combination with several unique online tools, to develop fine keyboarding skills for second and third graders.

All fourth to sixth graders have daily access to MacBook Pro laptops, and Microsoft 2011 software. Fourth graders begin fine-tuning their word processing skills, as they are introduced to the Internet as a research tool.

Finally, fifth and sixth grade students concentrate on graphics integration, working with spreadsheets, and using PowerPoint as a presentation tool. Sixth graders also continue onto advanced word processing, and Internet-based collaboration projects via Google Apps.

Through employing this instructional continuum, we ensure that Del Mar Pines graduates become great explorers of technology as well as innovative leaders of their own generation.

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