The Artist's Point of View

May 14, 2022 | , | Marci McCord

What do van Gogh, Picasso, and DMP students have in common? What sets apart these two masters from their contemporaries and our students from other elementary school artists?

If you answered that they offer the viewer, a unique perspective, a fresh point of view, you are correct. van Gogh and Picasso were skilled artists who knew how to draw and paint in the established classical way but chose to explore and experiment instead. They created their own unique ways of expressing ideas visually. Their ideas were so new that they were credited with starting new art movements. DMP students are still developing their skills, not quite masters yet, but they too have learned to value original thinking and expression.

True learning does not take place if you simply memorize and mimic the masters (they would roll in their graves to know that they were being copied). Learning takes place when you understand techniques and concepts, and use them to launch your own fresh ideas.

I am delighted to announce that DMP's artists have produced seven original and unique works of art, seven mementos of their year at DMP, which are available through a live auction on May 14th.

As the years go by, and your children grow and leave for college, it is these mementos of their childhood hanging on your wall that will bring back a flood of fond memories. I am speaking from experience.

Are you curious to see what your young artists have created for their group project this year? Will you be the lucky family that will have an original work of art, created by their child, hanging on their wall?

I would like to thank you in advance for your support of our art and music departments.

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