Meet Our Teachers & Staff

Our elementary school teachers and staff are highly skilled and experienced professionals. Our staff is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of all their students. These caring adults are committed to nurturing your child, and ensuring that each child maximizes his or her emotional, social and academic development. We have the magic formula for student success!

Marci McCord - Del Mar Pines Director/Owner
Marci McCord
Lora O'Leary - Del Mar Pines Office Manager
Lora O'Leary
Office Manager
Laura Murphy - Del Mar Pines Kindergarten
Laura Murphy
Ariel Thompson - Del Mar Pines Kindergarten
Ariel Thompson
Cassandra White - Del Mar Pines First Grade
Cassandra White
First Grade
Monica Sykes - Del Mar Pines First Grade
Monica Sykes
First Grade
Michelle Hancock - Del Mar Pines Second Grade
Michelle Hancock
Second Grade
Tammy Colley - Del Mar Pines Second & Third Grade
Tammy Colley
Second & Third Grade
Julie Canzone - Del Mar Pines Third Grade
Julie Canzone
Third Grade
Allison Cox - Del Mar Pines Third Grade Math
Allison Cox
Third Grade Math
Rob Kelly - Del Mar Pines Fourth Grade
Rob Kelly
Fourth Grade
Nirupa Bhave - Del Mar Pines Fourth Grade Math
Nirupa Bhave
Fourth Grade Math
Susan Morgan - Del Mar Pines Fifth Grade
Susan Morgan
Fifth Grade
Ryan Fortin - Del Mar Pines 5th and 6th Grade Math & P.E.
Ryan Fortin
5th and 6th Grade Math & P.E.
Janie Stoke - Del Mar Pines Sixth Grade
Janie Stoke
Sixth Grade
Nicole Lewis - Del Mar Pines Upper Grade Writing
Nicole Lewis
Upper Grade Writing
Emily Fritz - Del Mar Pines Spanish/Hands-on Science
Emily Fritz
Spanish/Hands-on Science
Scott Spurgiesz - Del Mar Pines Music & Performing Arts
Scott Spurgiesz
Music & Performing Arts
Terry Sanchez - Del Mar Pines Technology
Terry Sanchez
Tonya Robinson - Del Mar Pines Visual Arts
Tonya Robinson
Visual Arts
Bette Davis - Del Mar Pines Library and Resource Teacher
Bette Davis
Library and Resource Teacher
Dr. Lourdes Perez - Del Mar Pines Psychologist (4-6)
Dr. Lourdes Perez
Psychologist (4-6)
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Schedule a Tour

Due to COVID-19, we can not allow visitors on campus, but we are able to meet with prospective parents through either Zoom or Facetime. Please complete the following form and we will schedule an interactive virtual meeting with you. During the meeting our Director will tell you all about our school, programs and share how our in person and remote learning is positively working for our children and families. She will also take you around the campus to see the classrooms and introduce you to the DMP experience.

Parent/Guardian Info

Tours are available by appointment only and can be scheduled Monday – Thursday at 9:00 or 9:30 am.

Student's Information

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