What Our Parents Say…

“You won’t regret sending your children here!”

The teachers at DMP are extraordinary. They truly care about the kids and foster an environment not only for learning but also from developing great people. The school also keeps the parents informed at all times and proactively resolves any potential issues. Marci is the only principal I am aware of who knows each of the students at the school, on an individual basis.

“Truly a great school!”

I have seen the transformation in my child and her class mates as they moved from grade to grade strengthening their organization, research and self-reliance skills.  She always reminds us that character matters and about the golden rule. I know that my child will be prepared for the next level in her education because of her years at Del Mar Pines.

“Our son was so happy at school. It’s a Very special place.”

Del Mar Pines is a real gem.  The staff, the principal, the teachers and the environment is very happy and they really know how to capture child’s interest.  My husband and I loved the fact that our son was so happy at school.  He was challenged academically in a very nurturing environment.  The teachers are extremely helpful and ready to answer every child’s need.  They are very encouraging and loving. We loved every moment and our son loved it too! We recommend this school to all of our friends.  It is a very special place for the kids to learn and grow.

“The teachers really focus on organization, responsibility and independence in learning.”

The teachers and staff praise and encourage individuality, creative thinking, and artistic ability as well as academic success. This well-rounded environment provides students with an amazing foundation that will aid them in all future endeavors.Del Mar Pines’ small group instruction is a huge asset for its students. It allows for more individualized instruction and develops an appropriate pace for each student. The Art, Music, Science, P.E., and Spanish programs are phenomenal and give the students a very well-rounded curriculum. The teachers really focus on organization, responsibility, and independence in learning, which are the keys to students’ success for the rest of their academic lives. The teachers are very approachable and communicate with parents often about their students.

“The Teachers know how to engage and challenge every single child and are given the tools and freedom to do it.”

Our son received a personalized education and is well prepared for middle school and beyond. The teachers know how to engage and challenge every single child and are given the tools and freedom to do it.

“The school has exceptional academics in a very warm and caring environment.”

Our daughter recently completed the 6th Grade at Del Mar Pines. She transferred from another school and started in the 3rd Grade. I only wish we had known of this school earlier as we would have had her attend from kindergarten. She loved (loves) this school. As soon as she began in 3rd grade, we noticed that everything started improving – math, spelling, reading, writing, etc. The school has exceptional academics in a very warm and caring environment. It is a real community.

“Our daughter learned the core values of friendship, respect, good character and moral integrity.”

My daughter always felt cared for and protected at Del Mar Pines School. She learned core values of friendship, respect, good character, moral integrity. In addition, the art and music curriculum is first class. The teachers are all outstanding and very involved with their students. She was so sad to leave but we know she is very well prepared for the challenges that lay ahead in middle school. We will never forget our time at Del Mar Pines. I think she made many lifelong friends. I do recommend this school to everyone. If you get the chance, send your children there. You will not be disappointed.

“Your child will receive an incredibly well rounded elementary education.”

The small group instruction gives each child the attention and assistance they need to succeed as a student. It sounds simple but it sets DMP apart. Your child will also receive an incredibly well-rounded elementary education which is rare these days. Music, art, Spanish, hands-on science and technology are important parts of the curriculum. Also, the sense of community is second to none. Children feel safe and nurtured which allows them to focus on learning and truly want to go to school every day.

“We couldn’t ask for more from a school.”

We have been so happy and impressed by this small, but mighty, school. We are confident that our children are going to receive the education that they deserve in an environment that is going to nurture, stimulate and challenge them. The atmosphere at the school is all inclusive and there is a sense that everyone is looking out for one another, while still maintaining high academic standards.

“I am so happy we made this choice!”

My son has had an amazing experience at Del Mar Pines! I was very apprehensive about our family starting kindergarten, as I had taught in public school for many years, and watched most things of value be cut out of budgets. I was so happy I found a school with rigorous and individualized curriculum that still provides excellent Art, Music, Spanish, and Science instruction. My son loves Del Mar Pines, and our family couldn’t be happier.

“We were astounded by the superb quality of work and accomplishments our daughter was able to achieve.”

 We transferred to DMP School because of dissatisfaction with our local public school. During the remaining semester at DMP, we saw an immediate change in our child from a previously apathetic second grader to a thriving student. The biggest difference was the commitment and support by DMP faculty to foster the academic and social growth of each child. DMP provides a solid, well-rounded education by utilizing traditional teaching methods while embracing current technological tools.

“This is the absolute best school in San Diego!”

My child has had an amazing instruction at Del Mar Pines! He is a full grade level ahead in reading and writing, and two grade levels ahead in math. Del Mar Pines is the most successful school I have ever seen at individualizing instruction. I just can’t say enough how happy I am I put my child at Del Mar Pines. It has made a world of difference!

“Del Mar Pines offers an excellent well balanced school environment for my two children.”

We have been with the school for the past four years and I am pleased with the way the school adapts to changing needs of the community and individual children. What differentiates Del Mar Pines from other schools is a program that challenges each child to their individual potential without adding layers of unnecessary stress and pressure. It is a school that focuses on developing academically strong, well rounded, well-adjusted and HAPPY children who are prepared to succeed in middle school and beyond.

  “We count our blessings daily that we found this school.”

From the moment we toured the school, we immediately saw the difference and knew this was the place for our child.  There are only 150 students K-6. The school itself is small, clean and has a warm and loving environment. Class size is small. The curriculum is above average and challenging. In Kinder, each of the students has their own iPad to be used during technology time.

“DMP was a great launching pad for my children.”

DMP is a very special school where children develop a lifelong love of learning and leave 6th grade with study skills and independent work habits that will serve them well for the rest of their lives. The small group instruction with leveled groups affords each child the opportunity to flourish at their own pace. The teachers are caring and nurturing and make every effort to ensure the success of each child.

“My two children have blossomed into great people here.”

They truly love going to school every day and never complain about homework. They are thriving because of the individualized attention they get from amazing teachers and staff and the well rounded curriculum with a lot of extras. At Del Mar Pines, children are challenged to reach their academic potential and encouraged to learn through hands on science, the best elementary school art and music program you can imagine, technology with iPads for every child, Spanish, PE and much more.

“DMP is a bit of a hidden gem and we are glad we discovered this school!”

While we were definitely interested in a school that would address our child’s specific academic needs, we also wanted a program that prioritizes social/emotional development and that helps students develop into thoughtful and caring individuals who respect themselves and others. We have found this to be the case at DMP.

“Enrolling at Del Mar Pines was the best decision our family made.”

Some reasons why Del Mar Pines is such a special place: (1) Kids are separated in groups by ability and then each of these groups works at a level that challenges them. (2) The school is completely child centered. (3) Marci McCord, Head of School, does a fantastic job balancing actively listening to the parents and at the same time being very practical and pragmatic about issues/solutions. Del Mar Pines is a gem.

  “The energy here, at all levels, is rare and very special.”

This is a phenomenal school, and is the most child-driven, child-centered program we have ever experienced. The directors and the teachers put an extraordinary amount of energy into figuring out what makes each individual student tick, and what will unlock his/her love of learning and social potential. The teachers meet with parents four times during the school year, and it is a true two-way exchange.

“The daily emphasis on great character, responsibility and kindness is real.”

That’s the other thing about DMP – both the girls and the boys are the nicest, most well-mannered students my family has ever encountered in a school setting. Lastly, I take my hat off and give a standing ovation to the teachers and to the director. They are each simply amazing.

“It is an amazing community to be a part of.”

My daughter graduated from DMP two years ago and is currently attending another top private school in the area. She was incredibly well prepared for middle school both academically and socially. She has been in all the honors/accelerated classes. Del Mar Pines School gave my child the confidence and skills to be successful in whatever academic environment she is in. The teachers, administrators and families are all exceptional.

Reflections from a DMP Graduate: Class of 2014

I want to thank Del Mar Pines for so many reasons. This school is special.

The Gate with the Code to Our Lives

As you turn a corner, you will find a street called Torrington. If you follow the road, you will see a beautiful building. No, not the Senior Center, but the Education Center. A gated city that encloses our future lies beyond the steps. It’s not only friends and teachers that lie beyond, but our family. As students, we go to school everyday and rarely realize the positive side of school. We focus on the long essay or the hard test the next day; without taking the time to smell the roses and absorb the love from all our second family members. This school is special, no not a school, a village with all of the wonderful villagers that lie within the gates. DMP is my second home housing my second family, and you will find it the same.

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