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Health & Safety Measures

Safety comes first at Del Mar Pines School. We have procedures, equipment and training to help keep the DMP community healthy and safe at school.

Safety Gates

Del Mar Pines School has a fully enclosed, gated campus with locked gates. The only time the front gate is open is during arrival time in the morning which is monitored by school staff.

Camera System

The entire campus is monitored by cameras placed strategically around the outside of all buildings, entry points, and play areas.

Emergency Procedures

Emergency drills for fire, earthquake, disaster, and lockdown are conducted several times during the year. Students practice the protocols and skills to stay safe in the event of an emergency.

Air purification system in all HVAC systems

We purchased 13 units, one in each room on campus. The product was installed in 2020 by Action Air (who maintains all our HVAC units). The product is the Phenomenal Aire Series R Cold Plasma Generator. It uses bipolar ionization to clean the air whenever the fan, heating, or air-conditioning system is on (which will be all the time when people are indoors). Check out our school's HVAC Air Purification Systems for you to review.

Hand sanitizer dispensers

Dispensers have been installed at the front gate and in all classrooms, the front office, and the lounge. We have used EnvironMasters service for the past several years and their service provides our school with hand sanitizers, antibacterial soap, toilet paper, and paper towels on a weekly basis. Students are required to sanitize before coming on campus, entering the classrooms, and at other times during the day.

DMP School: Covid-19 Guidelines, Precautions and Measures

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we have implemented a six-pronged approach to Health and Safety and invested heavily in equipment and technology to help keep our school as clean and virus free as possible. These investments and procedures go far beyond what most schools or businesses have implemented and we want to give special thanks to the Del Mar Pines Foundation for Education for granting us the funds to purchase much of this equipment. Finally, we follow the public health requirements for K-12 schools and our processes have and will change based on their guidelines. If you have any questions about our health or Covid-19 precautions, please contact our office. Listed below is our 6-pronged approach.

Follow the COVID-19 Decision Tree for K-12 Schools

The San Diego County Office of Education updates the Decision Tree whenever changes occur. The latest one dated June 28, 2022, is linked here: COVID-19-Decision-Tree.pdf . Del Mar Pines School follows the most updated Decision Tree for any student or staff member who has any symptoms or who has been exposed to someone with COVID-19. 

Encouraging COVID-19 Vaccines for all Staff and Students

All Del Mar Pines teachers and staff are fully vaccinated. 73% of our students are vaccinated for COVID-19.

Masks are a Personal Choice for All Students and Teachers

It is up to each student, teacher, and family whether they wear a mask either inside or outside while on campus. If a student or teacher has tested positive for COVID-19, has been quarantined at home for at least 5 days, and tests negative after day 5, they are required to wear a mask on campus through day 10.

Parents should screen their children daily before coming to school.

Although it is no longer required, every parent should screen their children for any symptoms, COVID-related or not, and keep students home until they receive 2 negative COVID antigen tests at least 12 hours apart, and their symptoms are improving. Any child who feels ill while at school will be sent home.

Note: The following items remain on campus. They are available to be used when warranted, but public health does not currently recommend this level of cleaning.

Safezone 850M9 mobile UV-C decontamination unit.

This is a hospital grade mobile unit that can disinfect an entire room's surfaces in 10-15 minutes using UV-C light. Check out our school's new UV Light Decontamination Cleaning System. This has been ordered and has a six-week delivery date. (expected end of June arrival)

Victory Electrostatic Backpack Spray with hospital grade disinfectant.

This product can be used both indoors and outdoors to quickly and thoroughly kill all bacteria, viruses, etc. on surfaces. This product has been ordered and is expected to arrive at the end of July. We also ordered a smaller, non-electromagnetic sprayer that uses the same disinfectant that has arrived. Check out our school's new Hospital-Grade Disinfectant Spray System.

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