Low Student to Teacher Ratio

As expected, academics are very important at Del Mar Pines. We have one class per grade with a maximum of 20 students in kindergarten and 23 students in grades 1-6. We have two teachers in every grade to facilitate small, instructional groupings in language arts and math instruction. Whole class learning takes place in science and social studies.

Beyond Academics

Beyond academics, our specialist instructors teach a wide-range of skills and concept in fine arts, Spanish language, hands-on science, music, library, technology, and physical education. These enrichment classes are taught in our dedicated library, theater, art studio, science and Spanish lab, and outdoor field areas. All of our technology classes are taught in the students’ classroom, as we have a one-to-one student to iPad or MacBook Air ratio. Del Mar Pines physical education and recreational programs are conducted on the school’s artificial soccer field, the playground, sand play areas, or basketball courts.

Brain Based Teaching Methodologies

Del Mar Pines has integrated a variety of research-supported, accelerated/brain-based teaching methodologies into its academics instructional strategies. The following are some of the teaching tenets that guide the School’s academic and special classes.

  • Every brain is totally unique
  • Threat of high stress can alter and impair learning
  • Emotions are critical to learning, affecting attention, health, learning, meaning and memory
  • Information is stored and retrieved through multiple memory and neural pathways
  • All learning is affected by the mind and body. Movement, nourishment attention cycles and chemical interactions have powerful modulating effects on learning
  • Intelligence is the ability to elicit and to construct useful patterns
  • The brain is meaning-driven
  • Learning is often rich and non-conscious.
  • The brain develops more effectively in concert with other brains
  • The brain develops with various stages of readiness
  • The brain can grow new connections at any age

CIA Team


The CIA Team was created to fulfill our WASC action items over the next three years. The goals of the team to continue to enhance all curriculum areas and resources to maximize the learning experiences of our students. At Del Mar Pines, we constantly strive to know what are the best practices for elementary education while also keeping with the traditions and values of our school.


  • Cassandra White – First Grade Teacher
  • Michelle Hancock – Second Grade Teacher
  • Janie Stoke – Sixth Grade Teacher
  • Marci McCord – Director

Meets once a month.