Eligible Grades: Kindergarten through Sixth Grades
Schedule: Monday through Thursday | 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Session: Session 1 or Session 2
Price: $225

International Chess Master Larry Evans and staff teach in over forty schools throughout San Diego. Children come from all over the world to study at their summer camp in Lake Arrowhead. Over the past twenty-five years, their program has produced many champions. The 2nd highest ranked chess player in the world today participated in their program during his formative years. The former U.S. 5th Grade Champion has been their student from his beginning as well. The Evans Method of instruction utilizes fun tools (like a giant chess set) and positive reinforcement to reward enthusiasm and participation. Every child gets prizes and a trophy!

Chess at Del Mar Pines is geared for kindergarten-sixth graders. Children will learn how to play chess, learn about proper piece movement and value in a fun colorful way. The focus is on piece movement strategy and how to achieve different ways to checkmates.

  • Chess develops memory.
  • Chess improves concentration.
  • Chess promotes imagination and creativity.
  • Chess inspires self-motivation.
  • Chess improves schoolwork and grades