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DMP HAS HEART: No Place For Hate Activity

Mar 01, 2023 |  | Marci McCord

The week of Valentine’s Day, the DMP NPFH student committee members went around to the classes to discuss the meaning of diversity and what it means to embrace our differences. They collaborated with Mrs. Robinson who created a large drawing of outstretched arms to symbolize embracing diversity.

The purpose of this activity was to help the students gain an appreciation for our differences and understand what it means to have diversity at school and in our world. They taught the students how we could learn from each other’s differences and how it makes the world a better place when we are all not the same.

The Activity Went As Follows:

  •  The students wrote a word or short phrase describing what made them unique on multicolored heart-shaped post-it notes.
  • The activity concluded with each student sharing what they had written on the heart and then attaching it to their grade-level poster.
  •   In every grade level art class, the students placed their heart post-its on the canvas inside the embracing arms.
  •  The canvas will be displayed at the school entrance at the end of this week and will be available for viewing for a few weeks!

Thank you, Mrs. Robinson and NPFH team, for this beautiful art piece!

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