Dear DMP Community,
I hope your family is healthy and you are all continuing to do well.  It has been heartening to hear a bit of positive news in the media that the steps we are taking as a society with “social distancing” and “sheltering in place” seem to be working, and that there may be some measured easing of restrictions in the foreseeable future. Although I am hoping that we will be able to return to school at some point, the plan is to continue remote teaching for at least the next four weeks.
This week of Spring break has been a time for our teachers and students to rest and get re-energized for the next month of remote learning. The classroom teachers have reviewed the Remote Learning Parent Surveys and are working hard to continue to enhance their teaching methods and learning opportunities for their students. They will be working on Monday and Tuesday to plan and have materials ready for parents to pick up on Wednesday between 8:00 and 2:00. Their parent emails and Google Classroom assignments will resume on Wednesday 4/15/20. 
The teachers send a big “Thank You” to the Foundation and parent community for their generosity and support. The Foundation asked for and granted “wish list” items from all teachers to help them teach in a more efficient and effective way from home. Requested items included portable document cameras, whiteboards, easels, wireless earbuds, wifi extenders, Teachers-Pay-Teachers gift cards, and more. I’m sure you and your children will see many of these items used by the teachers next week.
Remember that we are offering our Virtual Talent Show next Friday morning through Zoom! Mrs. Goestch and Mrs. Scott have received a few talent videos so far, but we would love some more student talents to share on Friday. Please submit your children’s videos by next Wednesday the 15th through this link:
For parents and students who want to participate in an optional, fun and educational family travel project for Monday and Tuesday next week, the information is attached. Some family discussions about where you have traveled, what geographic area your child wants to focus on, and gathering photos to go with the project, could happen over this weekend if your children will be working on this project more independently on Monday and Tuesday. Again, this project is OPTIONAL, but for students who choose to participate, it could be a wonderful keepsake and creative outlet for your children to remember exciting family adventures and share them with their teachers and friends. Projects should be emailed to me next week for recognition through awards and possible posting to our community. 
For those of you who were not able to see my video on social media, here is a link if you want to see my message to our community.
Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this time. Please stay healthy and safe and I look forward to seeing you all as soon as it is safe to be together.