Calling All Artists!

Aug 30, 2021 |  | Marci McCord

Calling all artists, we have a new game for you. 

Parents and students, separately or collaborating, are invited to create a work of art this month, using any medium that you prefer (photography, digital, needlework, drawing, painting, sculpting, baking…); however, it has to be a specific genre and follow specific criteria.

Here are the criteria for September’s challenge:

  1. Your THEME/GENRE is Summertime. Your art should be about the summer season or your summer experience. What does the term “summertime” mean to you?
  2. Your Summertime creation has to be either a LANDSCAPE, SEASCAPE, or a CITYSCAPE. NO PORTRAITS or STILL LIFE will be accepted.
  3. It has to be created exclusively with all WARM or all COOL colors but not both. NEUTRAL colors are okay to use with either COOL or WARM colors.
  4. The deadline to turn it into Mrs. Robinson is no later than THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 23. Late entries will not be accepted or exhibited.
  5. Don’t forget to SIGN your work. Please put your name and grade (students) and your first and last name (parents) on the back of the artwork.

Time to show off your talent 🙂

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