Responsibility to Each Other

Oct 05, 2020 |  | Marci McCord

Supportive Community

The feedback we received from parents stating how happy, enthusiastic, and engaged their children are at school, gives us great joy and makes all of the hard work worthwhile!

In these challenging times and uncertainty, I feel that we are very fortunate to be in a supportive community where we have certain responsibilities to one another. It is very important to reiterate that to ensure our community stays healthy and safe we all need to continue to work together towards our common goal. We ALL want to be able to stay on campus, and that means making sure that the COVID-19 virus stays off campus!

Recognized, Respected, and Valued

Remember every student, teacher, and staff member will be recognized, respected, and valued. This fundamental right is an essential part of being a member of our DMP community. This implies we all have a right to expect both emotional and physical safety and members of our community can reasonably expect a heightened level of concern for their health and well-being. While it is possible that students, teachers, or staff members might be exposed to COVID-19 in the course of being on campus, everyone can expect that every effort and reasonable precaution will be taken to mitigate that happening.

Our commitment implies that members of our community have the responsibility to value and care for one another.  Our interactions with others – friends and strangers, students and teachers – should be respectful and courteous. Simply put, this means complying willingly with rules and policies designed to keep our community safe and healthy and respecting policies and expectations even when inconvenient to ourselves.

The challenges of establishing a “new normal” this year are vast. However, by continuing to work together, protecting each other, and understanding our responsibilities to our DMP community, I believe that we can overcome these challenges and become more resilient, resourceful, and adaptable which will only make us all stronger.

Thank you for your support,

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