DMP Library Lessons

Sep 06, 2021 |  | Bette Davis

I am very excited to announce that students will be attending this year’s library lessons in our lovely Del Mar Pines Library!

We will learn about library behavior expectations, book “manners,” and “check-out” procedures in our first few meetings. We will explore the library, discuss choosing books that suit our interests, and share storytelling experiences. When everyone is comfortable with the expectations and procedures, students will have the privilege to check out books to enjoy at home.

You can expect to start seeing your child’s book choices after these first few weeks of school. Each grade has its own day to visit the library, and that same day will be the “due” day for book returns each week.

You will see a full set of Library Guidelines soon. I am sure you will encourage your children to be responsible DMP citizens and assist your children in developing respectful library habits, along with sharing their delight in the adventures books have to offer!

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