Great Teachers Make a Big Difference

Nov 05, 2019 |  | Marci McCord

Teacher Quote Having great teachers can make a big difference in a child's life. Our teachers are responsible for being astute observers of their students' academic needs and learning styles. In addition, Del Mar Pines School teachers are taught to be fully cognizant of California Common Core Standards and brain-based teaching.

Our teachers are highly skilled professionals. They are expected to evaluate their students' academic and behavioral progress on a daily basis and critiquing their work both formally and informally. If any of their students' performance drops below the 80% level, the teacher is responsible for informing the director. Together the director and teachers discuss necessary modification option in either curriculum or teaching methodology, or if more research is required.  A parent/ teacher/ director conference is then scheduled to discuss alternatives.

Having great teachers is expected but Del Mar Pines goes beyond expected and provided our teachers with the resources that he or she needs to focus on teaching students, instructional preparation , or achievement of the School's Guiding Principle, Mission, Vision, Purpose, Values and School-wide Learning Outcomes (SLOs).

We focus our human and financial resources on students

Del Mar Pines School see learning as a continuum, not an end result. For this reason, The school focuses its human and financial resources on students and how to ensure that each one reaches his or her unique potential. Because children develop at varying rates and have diverse learning styles, Del Mar Pines curriculum and teaching process is constantly being shaped and revised by teachers and students. But while it evolves in response to students' changing needs, the scholastic program always retains the core continuity of structure, balance, purpose and methodology.

This belief was the driving force behind the Del Mar Pines learning environment, of which, great quality teacher training and professional development are key components. We are very proud of our very good teachers. They are highly trained education professionals and good and caring people too.

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