Marci McCord Head of Independent Schools San Diego

Marci McCord, Director and Head of School Del Mar Pines

As the head of an independent private school it can be challenging to benchmark performance and stay on top of all current development opportunities when you go it alone. At Del Mar Pines School, I have benefited greatly from being a charter member of the San Diego Heads of Independent Schools Group that started two years ago.  It is a consortium of private / independent schools both religious and secular in San Diego county.

Benefits for Heads of Independent Schools & Teachers

  • Promotes best practices in teaching and growth for educators
  • Encourages and facilitates continuing learning opportunities for educators to further inspire and engage their student
  • Values teaching as a true profession, where they can test and share approaches to their work

Our Mission is to develop a Heads of Independent Schools Group that meets every over lunch every six weeks, to network while also discussing current issues that affect all private/ independent schools in San Diego.