Hands-on Science Fun with 3rd Grade

Hands-on Science is fun. Third graders experimented with the properties of liquids by experimenting with three liquids that look similar. They compared the properties of water, mineral oil, and rubbing alcohol, including how quickly they evaporate.

Properties of Liquids and Temperature Sensors

Third graders were the first to use the new wireless temperature sensors. They connected the sensors to their iPads and started data collection. After starting data collection, they dipped the temperature sensor in the liquid and then pulled it out of the liquid. The sensor collected the temperature for 60 seconds, graphing it simultaneously on the iPad.

The graph allowed students to identify the highest and lowest temperature for each liquid, as well as the change in temperature. The changes were different for each liquid because of the rate of evaporation.

Students used their investigations to help them answer the question: Based on how these liquids acted, do you think they are made of the same kind of molecules? Why or why not?