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Meaningful Math for 6th Grade Students

Feb 12, 2022 | , , | Marci McCord

Our sixth graders are placed into one of two small groups for math instruction.

One group is our on-level 6th grade instruction which moves at a typical pace while moving through the curriculum. Within this group, students are enriched or supported where needed.

The other group is for our highly advanced learners. These are students who have already mastered all 6th grade content and concepts and are able to work at this level without intervention. They are placed in the 7th grade curriculum and move through it at an accelerated pace. 

Real life math situations and projects are used throughout the year to make math meaningful and relatable. Our 6th grade students created their own 3D model mini-cities, complete with scaled dimensions of surface area + volume, displaying mastery in correct calculations coupled with a themed brochure that illustrates all the elements in their prospective cities.

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