Dear DMP Community,

We have just finished Week 2 of remote learning. It seems like most of us are adjusting well to our “new normal” –  social distancing, “shelter in place”, and working at home for both students and parents. It has been a drastic change, but hopefully, the sacrifices we are making now will “flatten the curve” as we do our part to stop this global pandemic.

We held a staff meeting yesterday to share how our distance learning is working, improvements we can make going forward, and strategies to help one another through these difficult times. Overall, the teachers feel that the students are engaged, working hard, learning and adapting to the new school environment. They also appreciate how supportive and understanding you have been through this transition. Thank you! They are continually learning and experimenting with ways to make their teaching as meaningful and effective as possible for your children.

On Monday, March 30, we will be starting Week 3 of remote teaching and learning with the continued use of Google Classroom as the main source of student information. Parents can access their students’ accounts and see everything that is going on. Students can comment with teachers and other students on assignments to ask for help or clarification. The best way for parents to communicate with teachers is still through email.

Spring Break is April 6-10. There will not be any new assignments posted or communication from teachers this week. This is an opportunity for your family, as well as our teachers, to spend time doing activities you enjoy – playing games, building forts, reading, gardening, Spring cleaning, virtually visiting family and friends, just to name a few.

For families and students who want to do some schoolwork over the vacation, you are welcome to complete any unfinished classroom assignments from the previous weeks, participate in all the fun ancillary activities which have been posted for your student’s grade, Smarty Ants K-2, Achieve 3000 for 3-6, IXL or Prodigy for math, Epic Books, or explore the Google resource link below.

Special Events are still happening at DMP!! Mona Goetsch and Veronica Scott are looking into how to have a Virtual Talent Show on Friday, April 17th at 9:00 am! A Google Form will be sent to parents for students to complete who are interested in participating. Participation is OPTIONAL, but this event could be a lot of fun for our community. More information will be coming on how this will work.

I can not give an answer as to when we will be back. However, we are listening to our local and state officials who will let us know when it will be safe and appropriate to return to “regular” school. I will keep everyone posted in my weekly emails with any changes or updates to our current situation.

Thank you for your understanding and support as we all do our best to continue our students’ education and well-being.

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Stay healthy and safe,

Marci McCord