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Our C.I.A. Team

May 07, 2020 |  | Marci McCord

C.I.A. stands for Curriculum, Instruction, & Assessment.

The C.I.A. Team was created to fulfill our WASC action items over the next three years. The goals of the team to continue to enhance all curriculum areas and resources to maximize the learning experiences of our students. At Del Mar Pines, we constantly strive to know what are the best practices for elementary education while also keeping with the traditions and values of our school.

Student Centered Learning

Curriculum, instruction, and assessment begins with involved educators using data to create a student centered learning environment. At Del Mar Pines School our C.I.A. team focuses on how students learn and implements the best ways to educate them. We ensure equity in opportunity, and design academic content and instruction by leveraging adaptive technologies, tools, and resources to promote relevance and deep understanding.

Our C.I.A. team leverages data to assess the curriculum to inform instruction and improve the success, speed, and efficiency of our students learning.


  • Cassandra White – First Grade Teacher
  • Michelle Hancock – Second Grade Teacher
  • Janie Stoke – Sixth Grade Teacher
  • Marci McCord – Director

The team meets once a month.

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