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School Uniforms can be ordered from Lands End website. All approved Del Mar Pines uniform attire is noted on the Lands End website when logged in to Lands’ End and using our school number and logo number if selected. Please ensure you are using our school code, prior to shopping and ordering.

Lands’ End: www.landsend.com / Find my school

School Number: 9000-6905-5
Logo Number: 0249849K

Target Uniforms are also approved for:

  • Pants and shorts and skirts in blue or khaki
  • Polo shirts in red, navy blue, white or forest green


Shoes must be closed toed!

Shoes of any color and design are permitted. Leggings or tights are allowed.

Prohibited shoes include:

  • Clogs and boots (except rain boots on rainy days)
  • Crocs, open toed shoes or sandals
  • Shoes with lights or music

Normal Day Attire

Only approved uniform items are permitted and shoes must be closed toe.

  • Athletic shoes should be worn on physical education days.

Spirit Day Attire

On one designated day per month, students and staff may show their school spirit by wearing a Del Mar Pines Spirit Day t-shirt and blue denim jean shorts, pants or skirts, or uniform bottoms. School uniforms are also appropriate attire on these days, if children choose not to wear spirit
attire. Shoes must be closed toed.

Free Dress Attire

One designated day each month is a student Free Dress Day. School uniforms are also appropriate attire on these days if children choose not to wear Free Dress attire. Clothing must follow the general guidelines of everyday uniform. Clothes must be in good condition with no holes or frays. Skirts and dresses may be no more than two inches above the knee. Spaghetti straps, short shorts, or midriff showing are not allowed. And shoes must always be closed toed.

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