Dear DMP Community,

I hope you are all staying healthy and doing well. I am excited to share that we have been working hard on doing everything in our power in order to reopen our school as soon as possible. We know that our students’ and teachers’ health and safety are our highest priorities in order to return to school. Thus, we have investigated the best options to ensure that our campus and classroom areas are sanitized and as virus-free as possible. We have a four-pronged approach.

1. Air purification system in all HVAC systems (13 units)  one in each room on campus. The product was installed last week by Action Air (who maintains all our HVAC units). The product is the Phenomenal Aire Series R Cold Plasma Generator. It uses bipolar ionization to clean the air whenever the fan, heating, or air-conditioning system is on (which will be all the time when people are indoors). Here is the link, with a video, for your review:  Our Schools new HVAC Air Purification Systems. 

2. Safezone 850M9 mobile UV-C decontamination unit. This is a hospital grade mobile unit that can disinfect an entire room’s surfaces in 10-15 minutes using UV-C light. Here is an informational link:  Our Schools new UV Light Decontamination Cleaning System.   This has been ordered and has a six-week delivery date. (expected end of June arrival)

3. Victory Electrostatic Backpack Spray with hospital grade disinfectant. This product can be used both indoors and outdoors to quickly and thoroughly kill all bacteria, viruses, etc. on surfaces. This product has been ordered and is expected to arrive at the end of July. We also ordered a smaller, non-electromagnetic sprayer that uses the same disinfectant that has arrived. Here is a link to this product. Our Schools new Hospital Grade Disinfectant Spray System.

4. New hand sanitizer dispensers have been installed in all classrooms, the front office, and the lounge. We have used EnvironMasters service for the past several years and their service provides our school with hand sanitizers, antibacterial soap, toilet paper, and paper towels on a weekly basis.

When researching all the possibilities available, one of our criteria was the ongoing expense and maintenance of the product. The three that we decided on have a relatively high upfront cost, but almost no maintenance or ongoing costs (with the exception of the disinfectant which is $25/gallon).

I would like to thank the Del Mar Pines Foundation for Education for granting our request to purchase these cleaning and sanitizing products for the health and benefit of everyone in our community.

All of these purchases are just one part of our overall Roadmap to Reopening that we are still in the process of developing. We will continue to communicate our progress as we move forward.

More exciting news is that Del Mar Pines School earned our 2019/20 No Place for Hate® designation! We are so thankful and proud of all that our school has done to challenge bias/bullying and promote respect/inclusion all year long. Congratulations to our NPFH team and Student Leadership for organizing all the activities and working hard to meet our goal!

For the past 7 years, we have asked parents to complete the DMPParentSurvey2020. This anonymous survey is run through Survey Monkey and is an important way for us to evaluate our programs, school, curriculum, and this year, our remote teaching. We need and value your input and feedback, so PLEASE take some time to give us your thoughts/input. The first 50 questions deal with the entire school year, while questions 51 – 57 focus on remote teaching since March 13th. Our goal is to have at least 100 parents complete the survey. We need YOU! FYI – The Survey Monkey site will be unavailable for site maintenance on Saturday, May 23rd for about 8 hours starting at 9:00 am.

We are getting a lot of interest in our Summer Discoveries programs, so if you are interested, please go online and sign up! Session 1 will be online from June 22 – July 9. Session 2 we are planning on having on campus from July 13 – 30.

 Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Stay Healthy and Safe,