What are Brain-based Teaching Methodologies?

Jan 17, 2020 |  | Marci McCord

Del Mar Pines has integrated a variety of research-supported, accelerated/brain-based teaching methodologies into its academics instructional strategies. The following are some of the teaching tenets that guide the School’s academic and special classes.

  • Every brain is totally unique.
  • The threat of high stress can alter and impair learning.
  • Emotions are critical to learning, affecting attention, health, learning, meaning and memory.
  • Information is stored and retrieved through multiple memory and neural pathways.
  • All learning is affected by the mind and body. Movement, nourishment attention cycles and chemical interactions have powerful modulating effects on learning.
  • Intelligence is the ability to elicit and to construct useful patterns.
  • The brain is meaning-driven.
  • Learning is often rich and non-conscious.
  • The brain develops more effectively in concert with other brains.
  • The brain develops with various stages of readiness.
  • The brain can grow new connections at any age.

Multi Sensory Learning

The more senses involved during learning, the more likely the brain will receive and process information. By using multiple senses to learn, our students find it easier to match new information to their existing knowledge.

Making Sense and Meaning from New Information

Our students brains process new information by making sense and meaning of it. The process of sense making requires finding patterns, especially ones they are familiar with. For information to have meaning, children must find its relevance. DMP teachers help our students find relevance by linking it to prior knowledge and known patterns.

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